Tourism is one of the most developed business sectors in the world, so it is no surprise that the people of Zuleta should be interested in it as a means of income. Conscious of the fact that Zuletans are known to preserve their culture and traditions, they feel the desire to show themselves to the world through community tourism.

A community restaurant has already been established in Zuleta, boasting unique architecture, to receive tourists visiting the area.  In addition, several families have opened their homes to visitors.

The Foundation has initiated a project to support community tourism, aimed at creating community brigades to improve the appearance and public spaces of their village, streets and houses within the community.  The campaign is christened “Zuleta, clean and pretty”, a program that is also expected to support environmental workshops and grant ornamental garden plants, control waste generation, offer recycling projects and create a small-scale credit program aimed at improving and refurbishing community homes.

In addition to this campaign, the foundation will sponsor community tourism training for members of the community.

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