Volunteers’ Pictures

Volunteers with the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation in Ecuador experience rural life and work in community education, sustainable development or environmental issues. Some are professional-level volunteer photographers, some are biologists or botanists searching for wildlife or plants to photograph for scientific research, others just like to take photos to remember their time here, but we are grateful to them all for allowing us to share their images of volunteering at Zuleta with the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation.


A production of FILMARTE – Director Gabriel Páez – Production  Isabel Rodas / Julia Helena Carrillo – Camera Gabriel Páez / Inti Galarza – Sound Isabel Rodas – Editing David Jervis


Please respect the fact that our volunteers’ images are copyright and not to be used without written permission. However, if your photo search brought you here looking for stock images of volunteers, do get in touch and let us know which images you are interested in and what you need them for, to see if we can grant permission to use our volunteers’ pictures.

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