Volunteer Work in Rural Ecuador with Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation 

Volunteer in Ecuador with the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation to experience rural life in an agricultural community. Volunteer work could be part of projects in community education, sustainable development or environmental issues. Whichever volunteer job you choose, you’ll be making a difference to the lives of indigenous people and endangered wildlife, in one of the most beautiful parts of South America.

As a community volunteer in the education program, you might be running workshops in the village library, teaching literacy to adults, helping slower learners at the village school or designing educational materials and lesson plans.

Environmental volunteers could work in environmental education, conservation or research. For example, assistant field biologists can help with behavioral observations on a project researching the endangered Andean condor, while volunteer environmental educators can investigate, document and improve local perceptions of wildlife and encourage conservation efforts.

Volunteers in sustainable development could help with business plans, marketing strategies or microfinance for small productive projects like the traditional embroidery for which the area is famous.

To volunteer abroad is a challenge and an opportunity, so volunteer with the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation in Ecuador for a genuinely worthwhile opportunity. Discover more about the current volunteer work available: field biologist for condor conservation.